Full product range includes open frame / Tubular / Push-Pull / Holding / Latching / Rotary… etc.; there are over hundred types of standard solenoids available on the selection list and ready for different application.
Except the standard specification, Magtek’s strength is actually lying on providing the customized solution. Over 80% of currently mass production models are actually customize-designed in order to fully meet client’s using condition and special application to maximize the product benefit.


Solenoid Valves

Over 50+ models have been officially launched into mass production. Our solenoid valve line spans to air valve / water valve / oil valve / gas valve / refrigerant valve, both suitable for DC / AC power supply with different coil parameter, and also widely used in various fields like automotive industry / medical equipment / automatic sanitary device… etc. Furthermore, Magtek offers re-designed project service in response to client’s demand such as high-life-span, quick response time, low power consumption, anti-explosive demand, special using environment (temperature and humidity), or any other special requirements.



Based on the long-termed experiences accumulated from solenoid designing and manufacturing for different territories, Magtek has quite used to cooperate with worldwide engineers. In response to the ever-changing demand, more than 80% products were basically customized which includes many special ODM projects. Our products are broadly applied to many different industries such as MRT slide door, automatic mechanical arm, medical equipment, diesel engine valve, waste gas controller for semi-conductor…. etc.

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