In order to respond to the long-termed exposure of automotive products in high and low temperature changes, and the environment is more severe than ordinary products, Magtek selects appropriate materials and structural designs to meet special requirements such as waterproof, dustproof, anti-seismic. Among them, a variety of ODM projects are widely used in automotive applications, and have successfully passed the rigorous test verification and recognition by international first-tier manufacturers, now all products have been in stable production. Also, the factory has recently introduced ISO16949 guidance and is expected to complete relevant certifications in the near future.


Various types of automative applications

√ Transmission / Pump

√ Drain system for eignine

√ Massage device for car seat

√ Central lock for gearshift

√ Control lock for car trunk

√ Switching system for car light


Automotive Industry

Harsh Environment

Through some special design to Improve the product adaptability for heat , pressure, speed, humidity, corrosion resist… etc.

High Performance

Strictly control the part tolerances and assembly process to raise the accuracy of electromagnet and solenoid valve; efficiently reduce the consumption and level up the performance.

Suitable Material

Based on client’s demand and target price plus our production experiences, we choose the most proper materials to increase the product competitiveness.

Customized and Flexible Design

Depends on specific using condition, we provide technical advice for client’s further evaluation. Overall consider material character, solenoid mechanism, coil parameter, product cost, target price… etc., we propose the most suitable design for client’s reference.

Product Reliability

Via customized test fixture and high precision equipment, we offer data-based verification report to analyze and enhance the product reliability.

Durability (IPXX)

Automobile parts are always exposed to outdoor environments with huge temperature difference. According to different using condition, we choose proper material and specific structure design to meet the critical requirement for temperature resistant, waterproof and dustproof.

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